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It goes without questioning that the need for thermostats in your home is undeniable. So in both the cases where you are setting up a new home or your old thermostat just stopped working, you will be in a dire need of buying a new one. The overwhelming choice you get nowadays can be pretty confusing. So to cut the part of confusion we bring you a brief discussion about the different types of thermostats available in the market.

Non-Programmable Thermostats:

Well if you are not a techie or absolutely hate complicated technical stuffs then this is the thermostat for you. The models mostly have panel with LED display where you can see the set temperature and two up and down button to set the temperature up and down. This type comes fairly cheap as they do not spend much over complicated digital features. But you definitely have to wait until the room heats up or cools down after setting the temperature.


This is one of the most popular models and it is definitely built to make your life a lot easier. Here you do not have to keep on pushing buttons and wait for the heat to adjust in the room. In programmable thermostats you can schedule the temperature for some period of time without worrying about adjusting it again given there is a change in temperature. They can range from being fairly basic to very advanced. There are designs which can only be programmed for once a day and there are designs which can be even set for four different temperatures within 24 hours for 7 days in advance.

Touch Screen:

This thermostat straight away eliminates the need of buttons. The programmability can be set by touching the panel screen. This helps in not touching the wrong buttons to avoid messing up the entire program. However there are certain models which are not meant for big hands. So it is advisable to carefully choose the model according to the size of your hands.


Although this is the priciest variety because of the technologies used, this gives you the added mental peace of controlling you HVAC system away from your home. Nowadays manufacturers are coming up with ideas for budget wireless thermostats.


This design is ideal for small homes with a not so complete HVAC system. Also for portable heating or cooling system outlet thermostats are the ideal choices.

Now that you have some idea about the different types of thermostats, you can start your own research and buy the one that suits you the best.


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There was a time when portable ACs were not considered good enough for regular cooling needs. The times have changed sharply and now these portable units are in high demand in the market. If you have a small studio apartment or need cooling in just a part of your house, a portable AC becomes an automatic choice.

Some people used to complain that portable ACs are too fragile or that they produce too much condensate water in the room. The manual controls were also considered problematic, especially if you wanted to change the cooling settings from your bed.

The latest portable air conditioners can be wheeled to any room of your choice easily, and at Air Reflect we’ve seen they come with an emergency shutdown feature if you accidentally knock them over. Remote controls will allow you to change the cooling settings or turn the unit off from wherever you are inside the room.

Some of the latest models come with evaporation mechanisms that takes care of the extra condensate water. Compared to window and split air conditioners, these variants require a lot less energy hence your monthly bills won’t take a hit. If you are looking for quality cooling in certain areas of your home, a portable AC is the way to go.


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Having carpet cleaners in your home can keep your flooring looking good. Not only that. They can also maintain your carpet’s cleanliness. Cleaning such flooring regularly is necessary to remove invisible microbes, allergens and stains that can easily build up.

You may hire a professional cleaner to perform the task for you but buying your own carpet cleaner is a good investment.


Here are some reasons you must consider getting your own cleaning unit for your carpet:

Use it anytime you wish
When you have your own carpet cleaner, you don’t have to call a professional to clean the spilled milk on your carpet. Keep in mind that accidents can happen anytime and they usually arise when you least expect them.

So, for unexpected spills, you just grab your cleaner and remove them immediately.

Save money
Sure, carpet cleaners can cost more than a hundred dollars. However, hiring a professional service can charge you double or triple the price of a carpet cleaner just for one session. And if your house has a lot of carpet that requires cleaning, then the cost can get higher.

And at Steam Insider, where they review 5 Hoover carpet cleaners, you can learn that the cheapest model is just a little over $100 (the highly popular MaxExtract).

In addition to saving money, buying your own carpet cleaner will also help you save time. This is because there is no need for you to call a professional service to do the job and wait for them to drop by your house in a few days.

As previously mentioned, you can just grab the unit from its storage and run it through to immediately have fresh, clean carpet after that unexpected spill.

Offer efficient cleaning
Hiring or renting carpet cleaners is a less efficient option. If you opt to rent, for instance, you are restricted to the only available options of the renter.

What if the only available unit is the smallest one? Remember that a small unit can make the task take a longer than necessary. And if you go with larger unit, it will consume more power and use more water.

By purchasing your own carpet cleaners, you choose the unit that suits best for your home and your carpet. Then, you can protect the flooring through frequent cleaning, thereby, extending its life.

Prevent allergens
When you have your own carpet cleaners, you can frequently clean your carpet. In that way, you can prevent it from becoming a breeding ground for contaminants.

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Baby monitors can be expensive, but if you have a very limited budget, you can always use your smart phone as your baby monitor. With the use of your Android device or iPhone and a tripod, you can look at your baby by video while you are outside his/her room.

Obtain an app
You will need an app that lets you accomplish your remote camera requirements. Get an IP webcam app that works for your device. It’s free to download. This app allows you to configure the video feed’s resolution, as well as its audio.

You can also set it to ensure that the camera or phone does not go to sleep when the camera is on.

Connect your phone to your computer
Once you have a remote camera installed on your smart phone that acts as a baby unit, you must connect that to your computer or another phone as a parent unit. In this way, you will be able to record footage and view the video live. You may use your media player that comes with streaming capability.

Unfortunately, this type of baby monitor system comes with limitations. One of its restrictions is the fact that it cannot notify you if your baby is crying. What if you have fallen asleep? What if your phone’s battery drains?

Nevertheless, it is a cheaper way to monitor your baby while you are out. It has video and audio capacities that allow you to watch and listen to your baby.

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An air mattress or air bed is all the rage these days. Because of that, the number of options is quite overwhelming, especially for first-time buyers. Each model has its own bells and whistles making it trickier to pick the right one for your needs.

What are the essential features you must look for in an outdoor air mattress?

Materials used for air bed bladders
PVC, urethane, natural rubber and nylon are some of the materials used in making air bed bladders. The first two materials mentioned are considered more durable. But they do not offer flexibility and elasticity allowing you have a nice comfortable bed. Experts do recommend getting an air mattress that comes with fabric supported by natural rubber bladders. It is not only durable but it is also comfortable.

Air mattresses that are layered with visco-elastic or other types of foam that can support the lumbar and back, are ideal for those who are suffering from back pain. These foams reduce pressure points, thus making the bed more comfortable for the user. Do not go with an air mattress with low density foam layers as they can quickly deteriorate.

Make sure that the air mattress offers a quality pump, regardless of whether or not it comes with extra features. The pump must have the capacity of filling up the bed with air in two minutes or less. It must also be covered with at least 3 years warranty.

Anything can go wrong with air mattress. The moment you purchase it to the time you fill it with air. No matter how durable the material is, problems may still arise. Thus, you must choose an air mattress that is backed by solid warranty.

More information: Sleep On Air


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